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AMY WINEHOUSE WINS .....Jazz staged a comeback at the Mobos tonight after a leading saxophonist joined Amy
Winehouse on the winner’s podium a year after being told that his music no longer deserved a place at the awards.
Twelve months ago Soweto Kinch performed an impromptu protest with other jazz musicians outside the leading black
music ceremony after the sudden exclusion of their category. But chastened organisers reinstated the Best Jazz award for
tonight’s event held at the O2 Arena and Kinch swept to victory for his Tales Of The Tower Block album which mixed rap
and jazz to document life in inner-city Birmingham.
Winehouse, a previous Mobo jazz nominee, confirmed her return to health by performing live and taking the Best Female
award. Defeating Corinne Bailey Rae and Beverley Knight, the Jewish singer demonstrated that ethnicity is no barrier to
Mobo success.
Winehouse, who denies family claims that she has serious drug problems, also won Best Female at the Vodafone Live
Music Awards, held concurrently in West London. A showdown between 50 Cent and Kanye West for Best Hip Hop was
expected to be a Mobo highlight. Gangsta rapper Cent threatened to retire from the music industry if his new album was
outsold by West’s offering. West’s Graduation thrashed Cent’s Curtis in the US and UK charts prompting Cent to cancel
his Mobo and Vodafone appearances. West won Best Hip-Hop but was unable to attend. His absence, along with that of
Best International Act winner Rhianna, considerably reduced the Mobo’s international star wattage, a familiar complaint
at these awards.
Dizzee Rascal, the MC who emerged from the East London “grime” scene took the Best UK Male award. Rascal, a
Mercury Music Prize winner, has extended his audience to rock fans by collaborating with Arctic Monkeys. He beat
Wiley, a former “grime” scene mentor to Rascal, with whom a musical feud has developed.
The Mobos, which celebrate music “inspired” by black musical forms, have been dogged by controversy throughout their
12 years. Last year organisers said there were too few good jazz acts to make a shortlist. They later claimed jazz had been
axed after ten years to meet the demands of live television. Kinch and Courtney Pine greeted guests on the red carpet
with a set of New Orleans jazz in protest. Kinch, 28, told The Times: “What is ‘music of black origin’ without jazz? It was
a shocking omission and a wise judgement to bring jazz back. The shortlist showed what a vibrant UK scene we have.”
The Oxford History graduate, urged the Mobos to change course. He said: “They hanker after American celebrities even
when they don’t turn up. People are exhausted with conveyor-belt music. We should celebrate our indigenous scene.”
British “urban” performers face a constant battle for media exposure and sales against their more glamorous American
counterparts. But hopes are high for London trio N-Dubz, winners of the Newcomer award. The group mix hip-hop with
radio-friendly melodies, moving the genre on from the commercially-limited underground “grime” scene.
Dappy, 20 of N-Dubz, said: “Its an honour to win a Mobo. We aren’t afraid to expand our musical knowledge - I listen to
Magic FM for the songs. We wan’t to make music and get paid.” Dappy dedicated their award to his father, the group’s
manager, who died suddenly, this year. The band have been snapped up by the Polydor recording giant and have received
backing from the BBC 1Xtra radio station. Ne-Yo, the US R&B singer, was the big Mobo winner with two awards, at the
show hosted by Jamelia and Shaggy. The Mobo Awards, BBC One, Friday, 11:35pm.
STAR which is featuring drama between Nicole Richie & Joel madden - she's a
little over five months pregnant and the magazine has her baby's daddy wrapped up
with his ex-girlfriend
Hilary duff - which i don't believe for a second - I'm not sure
they'll be able to weather the storm long term but they sure seem stable at the
moment - i wonder if we'll ever see them get married?!? Overall I'm way happy for
ms. Richie - i adore her sense of humor - and i know she'll make a great mom with
or without Mr. Madden!
Moving on we've got more talk of
Angelina Jolie being pregnant again - this would
make baby #5 in the already large
Jolie-pitt clan - i say more power to Angelina -
why not have a large family if you have resources like they do? Next there's more
Britney spears who seems to be quickly falling down an already very slippery
slope! Just yesterday a judge laid it on the line for
Britney telling her she has
substance abuse problems - and now has to take parenting classes and will be
subjected to sobriety checks randomly twice every week! Not good times for ms.
Spears - at this point i feel like it's a lost cause but I'd still like to see Britney get
her ass back on track - everyone loves a happy ending right?!?
Jessica....... Think there's anybody else that wants a happy ending more than
Jessica Simpson does - right now I'm actually kinda liking her at the moment but
lordy she must be a pain in the ass the deal with...i'm surprised nick Lacey stuck
around for as long as he did! She just needs to focus and stop worrying about
finding a man - it's totally OK to be single in Hollywood - she looks great these
days and needs to work it (compared to her scuzzy looking days when she was with

john Mayer
) if she's in therapy like the magazine suggests then Jessica simply
needs to calm herself down - chill out & go with the flow -
How about some links in the meantime..→ there's a couple of things about heed's
party that made feel ill...
Molly good
→ Rosie Donnell turned down an invite from oprah to appear on her show! Holy
→ finally - Jennifer lopez is really pregnant! A socialite's life
→ foo fighter dave grohl speaks his mind about paris hilton... dlisted
→ sexy david beckham + good coffee = pure bliss! in case you didn't know
→ britney spears is keeping her kids (for now...) hollyscoop
→ check out lynn & alex at the emmy awards! l.a. rag mag
→ kayne west has a beef with pamela anderson... celebrity smack
→ for those who confuse themselves with movie stars... film experience
The setpoint theory holds that if left to its own devices your body, under the dictates of its fat cells, will maintain a certain level of
stored fat. When fat levels drop below that amount, your appetite increases and you are constantly bombarded with ''signals'' to eat
more and reduce the level of energy you expend. As soon as restraints on food intake are removed (that is, when you get tired of
dieting, deprivation and vigilance), the fat you lost is quickly regained. This is precisely what happened to those who participated
in a ''semistarvation'' experiment during World War II. By the time they had lost the fat stored under the skin and in the
abdomen, they had also become extremely lethargic as well as irritable and uninterested in work. As soon as the experiment was
over, they ate ravenously, quickly regaining all their lost fat.
An interesting series of studies in laboratory rats by Dr. Roy Martin of the University of Georgia suggests that fat cells
communicate their needs to the brain through their products, the fatty acids. During weight reduction, fatty acids are used for fuel
throughout the body. Although the brain normally does not use fatty acids for energy, Dr. Martin found that during fasting the
brain's ''appetite center'' oxidizes fatty acids at a very high rate. This, he believes, signals the brain to stimulate eating.
The second stumbling block to successful dieting also involves the body's attempt to protect itself against the ravages of starvation.
The body has a built-in energy-conservation mechanism: When calorie intake drops significantly below the level needed to
maintain current weight, the basal metabolic rate drops too. In other words, the body turns down its thermostat and automatically
begins to use less energy to run itself.
This mechanism would have served the species well in the early days of agriculture, when many people lived a feast-or-famine
existence. Those who, in times of famine, could best hang on to their stored fat lived the longest. And those who were able to stow
away extra calories as fat during times of plenty were even further favored. In modern times of perennial plenty, many people
seem genetically programmed to remain perennially fat. As Dr. Martin Katahn, a psychologist who is director of the Weight
Management Program at Vanderbilt University, explains in his illuminating and practical new book, ''The 200 Calorie Solution,''
(W.W. Norton, $13.95), this energy-conserving mechanism is the reason many people find that they stop losing weight or lose only
very slowly after several weeks on a low-calorie diet.
Whereas before dieting they may have needed 2,000 calories a day to maintain their body weight and could lose a pound of fat a
week on a 1,500-calorie diet, after weeks of dieting their reprogrammed metabolism may have slowed down enough to make it
impossible for them to lose even another ounce on 1,500 calories a day.
The more drastic the diet, the more drastic your body's countermeasures, Dr. Katahn says. A very low-calorie crash diet can slow
body metabolism by as much as 45 percent. When weight is regained after a diet, a disproportionate amount of fat is put in storage
so that you actually get fatter each time you fail at dieting. Furthermore, repeated dieting trains the body to defend itself against
starvation by speeding its ability to reduce metabolic needs. So it becomes harder and harder to lose weight by cutting calories.
The bottom line is this: Diets, by themselves, rarely work. Their failure is evidenced by the many millions of Americans who
chronically ride the weight-loss/weight-gain seesaw and in the neverending stream of fad diets that occasionally succeed in
pushing these people to the ground only to let them ride once more to the top. Is there any hope? Dr. Bennett, Dr. Katahn and Mr.
Gurin think so. Indeed, they have tried their suggestion and found it to work, allowing a slow, steady weight loss that stays lost.
The trick, as Dr. Bennett and Mr. Gurin put it, is to lower your setpoint rather that simply resist it. The most practical method for
achieving this is exercise.
Evidence for the effect of exercise on weight control spans at least four decades and involves several species, including humans.
Basically, it shows that when animals are inactive they spontaneously grow fatter than normal and that as activity increases their
weight falls.
Below a certain level of activity - a level commonly found among sedentary Americans, appetite seems to be unleashed from
normal controls. When exercise becomes excessive (such as in some longdistance runners), appetite may be unable to keep up with
caloric needs. But at a moderate level of activity there seems to be a better balance between appetite and energy expenditure.
One known effect of exercise is a change in body composition: the proportion of the body that is fat diminishes and the proportion
of lean muscle tissue increases. Muscle, as Dr. Katahn points out, uses considerably more calories to maintain itself than fat does.
Thus, even if no weight is lost, a well-muscled person can consume considerably more calories without gaining than could a
person who weighs the same but has less muscle tissue and more fat. In other words, exercise seems to lower the setpoint, probably
by raising the basal metabolic rate and by altering body chemistry so that less fat is put in storage.
Dr. Katahn, who lost 70 pounds and kept them off by following his own advice, recommends adding 200 calories' worth of exercise
to your day as the best long-term approach to weight loss and maintenance. This amounts to a 45-minute brisk walk each day or its
equivalent in biking, swimming, jogging, tennis, etc. After a year, even with no change in diet, the daily 200 calories of extra
expended energy could mean 20 fewer pounds of fat on your body.
He admonishes fat people never to go on a diet to lose weight unless they are willing to change their activity level. ''For a diet to
work once and for all,'' he said, ''you must remove the critical contribution of a sedentary life style to your weight problem. Then
you will never need to diet again.''
Hunger pangs: what are they and what do they mean?
When food is present in the stomach, peristaltic or wavelike, muscle contractions sweep through the walls
of the stomach and help to mix food with gastric juices. However, another kind of intense muscle
contraction, called hunger contractions, occur when the stomach has been empty for several hours. Hunger
contractions are peristaltic contractions, mainly restricted to the body of the stomach. They can often be
particularly strong, resulting in a contraction that lasts for two to three minutes! Hunger contractions are
usually most intense in young people, who often have a higher degree of gastrointestinal "muscle tone"
than older people. In addition, these contractions are increased by a low level of glucose in the blood, which
usually occurs when an individual has not eaten for several hours.

When individuals have hunger contractions, they frequently experience pain in the pit of their stomachs.
This pain, referred to as hunger pangs, usually does not begin until 12 to 24 hours after the last ingestion
of food. In your question, you state that you experience hunger pangs even when you are not hungry. I can
think of a few possible reasons for this. However, before I list some possibilities, I want to emphasize that
my answer to the question you submitted to MadSci Network should not be used as a substitute for
professional medical advice. If you feel that you have a health problem, you should seek professional
medical assistance. One reason you may have ‘hunger pangs’ when you do not feel hungry is that perhaps
you are hungry but you just do not feel that are. In this instance, you might think back to when you last
ate, and the amount of food consumed at that time. Another possibility is that you are not experiencing
hunger pangs, but rather pain of a different origin. Abdominal pain can result from a large number of
things--hunger, stress, as well as a number of physiological disturbances. One way that physicians can
narrow down these possibilities is by asking patients about the quality of the pain (for example, diffuse
versus localized), and the specific location of pain in the abdomen.

Before the fall shows in February, the Council of Fashion Designers of America,
the U.S. industry's trade group, issued guidelines teaching models about
nutrition, banning those under 16 from runways and offering healthy food
backstage, with no smoking or alcohol.
But the issue failed to generate much controversy beyond the catwalks, and
consumers did not spurn designers who used ultra-thin models, experts say.
"What a shame, that it was such a big deal last season, and now nobody seems to
have noticed that the models have not gained an ounce," said David A. Wolfe,
creative director of The Doneger Group trend forecasters.
And The elaborate folds and puffy sleeves in many spring styles helped keep the
issue under wraps in the shows at New York's Fashion Week, which concluded
on Wednesday.
Now no one is even talking about it, Wolfe said, partly because the newest outfits
show less skin.
"Longer hemlines are covering the toothpick legs," he said. "The full skirts are
covering the jutting
Models have long been skinny but their weight became a hot topic after two
Latin American models died of anorexia last year. Critics say fashion's obsession
with waif-like frames leads young women to dislike their bodies.
A wave of very thin male models, appearing in shows in Europe, may be poised to
show in New York, Wolfe said.
"Practically every designer who thinks they're edgy is now using a pack of boys
who really are as skinny as the skinniest girls," Wolfe said. "I think by next
year they will be here. It's like an alien invasion."
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London Fashion Week Starts.....
And just like that,
New York Fashion week is over.
But....Never fret, London Fashion Week is here and I'm predicting an even
more diverse influx of
Skinny Models. Here is the kickoff model for all of you
thinpso junkies.
The Skinniest Models Of New York Fashion Week
You can look at these 60+ pictures of New York Fashion week for the
artistry of the fashion. But don't kid yourself. You want to look at them
because looking at skinny models is fun. You like fathoming what it would
take for you to be this skinny and not collapse to your death at any point of
your day. That's the real magic. This season we have many repeat faces,
including the beautiful Russian
, Vlada Roslyakova and GemmaWard
look-a-like Sasha Pivovarova.
Prothinspo was asked by a Prothinspoer’s
which diet product do I recommend….We all
know by now that all diet products work. I
found that the hydrox products to work best
for me. But like I said all products work….
People have to work the program. Stick with it.
Change their lifestyles and adjust to a healthy
diet and exercise regime everyday forever!!
Hope this helps with your questions….
Prothinspo Hydrox Slim is still the number
one diet product for weight loss.
- Don’t buy fat clothes.
- Don’t hang out with fat people. Remember, like attracts like and you don’t want to beckon a big blob of fatness in your direction. (This section, actually, would be at home on
a pro-ana eating disorder website; here are Byrne's words of thin-spiration: “Make it your intention to look for, admire, and inwardly praise people with your idea of perfect-
weight bodies…If you see people who are overweight, do not observe them, but immediately switch your mind to the picture of you in your perfect body and feel it.”)But,
perhaps unknowingly, Byrne has managed to articulate the lifelong fat person’s inner turmoil: they don’t believe they are capable of being thin. This elusive concept—
thinness—is as improbable as instant fame and fortune (thin people scoff, repeating “Eat less, exercise more”). Fat people see thinness as something magically bestowed
upon some, withheld from others (and according to the newest research, they are right)—not as a product of their actions..
Caffeine Supplements
Today’s urban warriors are much the same. Ginseng, caffeine and Eastern medicine are still being utilized.
Now as it was then, you are no where without the basics namely sleep, smart eating and exercise. First aim for at the minimum 6hours of sleep a night, for some a brief nap may lead to greater
alertness and productivity.
Pack in energy-promoting foods. The definition of energy is calories so make them count. Veggies provide fiber, vitamins and nutrients. Nutrition bars are a great source as well ...
Caffeine is America’s most popular drug some 85% of Americans drink coffee or some type of caffeinated product. Americans usually are not the healthiest of the planets people there are better
choices to make.  South Central America they use a product called Yerba Mate and
Guarana. West Africa the caffeine choice is kola nut and leaf.
Caffeine works by stimulating the nervous system to speed up the heart rate, raise blood pressure and rev up the metabolism (helping the body lose weight.) It also heightens alertness and

The facts about "Carb" depleting You cannot completely delete "carbs" from your life. You need them to keep energy and focused. Their are many diets and products on the market today that can
confuse anyone. Even someone who actually knows!

I measure myself everyday to see where I am at.  I weigh myself everyday. I read all the diet information I can get my hands on and I check my body fat .
I concentrate on my
thinspiration and keep motivated. I stand on my head for ten minutes a day and do 50 push ups and 60 sit ups everyday without fail!!
This is something not proven but does seem to work for all who try it. I wear magnetic rings on different fingers for different results. This is something that works for me. I wear to magnetic rings on
both of my pinky fingers when I sleep and I do have a magnetic mattress pad this is supposed to prevent all types of illness and eliminate swelling, not to mention keep you looking younger.
I keep a  food journal, this is a proven weight management tool everyone should try.
exercise everyday.I have a part time job as a "floater" in a gym. A "floater" is someone who just comes in to teach and leaves. It is great because I work out for free, and I have to because it is my
job.  I learned that if you gain muscle you lose more weight because your body continues to burn more fat. I sleep at least 6 hours a night and drink plenty of water. To keep my skin healthy at bedtime
I massage pure almond oil into the areas I want firmer I also use some moisturizing products to really enhance the skin, and I take one aloe vera capsule two times a day to avoid looking older or you
can drink it for quicker results... Aloe juice.
I take a Cayenne supplement to boost my metabolism.I take a multi-vitamin and I drink a pro-biotic to avoid any yeast. Yeast can make you stop losing weight even in
starvation mode.
When you don't eat very much your metabolism can slow down and you stop losing weight. Because heavy spices bother my stomach I take a supplement. It is preferable to actually eat the spices. I
use apple cider vinager on my salads and in a tincture to help better my digestion and quicken my weight loss.
I suggest that everyone who wants to lose weight and look great, do some of the same. Try some of the
diets on my site and recipes. Follow the tips. Stay focused!!

Buy yourself all the tools you need to attain your goals.
With any lifestyle it takes investment. The good thing about this change in lifestyle is that you save money on food and spend your money on a lifetime of self satisfaction.
Pick out a great measuring tape maybe an electric one and body fat counter. Always have an accurate Scale buy a diet book that has foods in it that you like. I
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